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394). The threats and sanctions from the United States and the Soviet Union gave rise to the memories of the century-long humiliations and of China’s revolutionary history under the CCP leadership. The Chinese, who had been bullied by others in the past century, felt that they needed to “enhance [their] national confidence and encourage the spirit typified by scorn” for American imperialism and Soviet socialist imperialism. : 305–6, 329). According to a central party official I interviewed, One of the reasons why China developed a powerful, decisive party leadership and a strong state system is external.

44–5). The power and effectiveness of the GO system is also evident in its relationship with the political leaders. For example, Premier Zhu Rongji relies heavily on the assistance of Chinese communist party and bureaucratic elite 21 the relevant divisions in the Mishu Bureau of the State Council GO. ” The relationship between the State Council GO members and the premier and vice-premiers is very relaxed and informal. Those leaders don’t put on airs in front of the GO members, who can freely argue back.

Confucian tradition regarded the emperor as “the Son of Heaven,” who received a mandate to rule from Heaven. Accordingly, Confucian tradition required the subjects to be subordinate to the emperor, and the emperor in turn “set an example of benevolent fatherhood,” providing for the happiness and welfare of his subjects (Stavrianos 1991:345). ” The Confucian bureaucracy, as such, “was to be a moral institution; the ultimate yardstick for assessing the acceptability of bureaucratic behavior was ethical norms, and the criteria for evaluation were sincerity, loyalty, and reliability, all of them more important than administrative efficiency and effectiveness” (Zhang 1993:7).

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