A Theorem on Power Series, with an Application to Conformal by Gronwall T.H.

By Gronwall T.H.

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By Gronwall T.H.

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E. a third dimension to the spectrum from theory-based to data-based macroeconomic models. The new macrofinance models need to be a “hybrid” due to the different mathematical nature of the macroeconomic and finance equations. e. there are leads and lags with macro variables. These new macrofinance models open the way to what can be called macrofinancial engineering. REFERENCES Akerlof, G. (1970) The Market for ‘Lemons’: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 84(3), 488–500.

The real exchange rate, eP/P ∗ , is equal to the nominal exchange rate e in foreign currency units per unit of domestic currency, multiplied by the price level in domestic currency units, divided by foreign price level in foreign currency units. The interpretation of the real exchange rate is the number of foreign goods one domestic good will buy. Increases in the real exchange rate, therefore, imply an increase in imports, because domestic residents have a higher purchasing power over foreign goods, and a decrease in exports, as domestic goods have become less attractive to foreign consumers.

Finance, and the closely related field of risk management, contains the appropriate tools to quantify and measure risks in the macroeconomy, as well as risk transmission within and between economies. One reason for the gulf between the fields, and the deficiencies of macro models, is the different way uncertainty and stochastic processes are modeled. The stock-flow frameworks of macroeconomics study variables that have autocorrelation and equations that exhibit autoregressive behavior. This is distinctly different from the finance approach where asset prices follow random walks, and thus returns cannot be predicted.

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