Advances in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology II by X. S. Zhao, Hongzong Si, Peilong Xu

By X. S. Zhao, Hongzong Si, Peilong Xu

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By X. S. Zhao, Hongzong Si, Peilong Xu

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In addition, the binding selectivity of the MIPS was also explored in detail. 20 Advances in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology II Experimental Materials and Instruments. ), 2,2’-azoisobutyronitrile(AIBN, CP, Tianjin Chemical Reagent, before use by recrystallization from methanol, and dried under vacuum for 24h); other reagents were analytical grade. ), Vector22 FT-IR (Bruker, Germany). Polymer Preparations. Activation of silica-gel. Twenty grams of silica-gel wasmixed with 195mL 10% HNO3 solution and refluxed with continuous stirring for 12 h.

In this work, a novel building block in organic synthesis, poly(4-iodobutoxylmethylsiloxane) (PIBMS) with high reaction activity was prepared by poly(hydromethylsiloxane) (PHMS), methyl iodide and tetrahydrofuran (THF) in the presence of a catalytic amount of PdCl2. PIBMS was employed in cotton fabric and the treated cotton fabric showed good water repellency. Due to the high reaction activity of iodo group, PIBMS is also one kind of meaningful intermediate in organic synthesis which can react with many compounds and impart these compounds more functionality.

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