Apollo and the Archaic Temple at Corinth by Bookidis N.

By Bookidis N.

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By Bookidis N.

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My oath of service and loyalty is given to you, Lord Dain. Whether the king grants your petition or not, I know what Lord Odfrey wished. ” Bowing his head, he drew his sword and lifted it, hilt-first, to Dain. Astonished and touched, Dain could only stand there a moment with his throat choked up. Then he gathered his wits and touched Sir Terent’s sword hilt lightly. “Thank you,” he said, his voice mangled by his effort to control it. ” Sir Alard called out. He came hurrying over and was there by the time Sir Terent had regained his feet.

Sir Alard gave Dain a small nod and a parting look of respect before he strode away. Page 37 “Well done, Dain,” Thum said quietly. Dain sighed and lifted the heels of his hands to his eyes. “Gods,” he muttered. ” “One decision at a time,” Thum told him. ” Dain shook his head. “Nay, I tread too dangerously already. When my inheritance is secured, then will I seek investiture among the Thirst knights. If you still wish to serve me then, I will grant your request. ” Thum cried. “For now, as I said before, come with me as my friend,” Dain told him.

Copies of all the warrants, land grants, and deeds are in it. ” Dain tucked it under his arm, wanting to die from mortification. He realized how hopelessly ignorant he was, how ill-prepared and unworthy of the position that had been given to him. Lord Odfrey had been responsible for a tremendous number of people and lands. He read dispatches daily and wrote letters and reports, kept accounts, judged disputes, and accorded settlements. Dain himself could barely read and had only just learned to scratch out his name.

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