Appl of Novel Analysis Tech to Cosmic Microwave Bkd by A. Jones

By A. Jones

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By A. Jones

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0◦ FWHM. In each experiment the difference between the two beams is calculated in real time. 1◦ ) so that the East beam is now in the position of the old West beam. The new difference between the two beams is calculated in the ‘wagged’ position and the difference between the two beam–differences is then calculated. 11. 11) where σ is the beam dispersion and α is the angular separation between the source and the beam centre. 8. The mirror is tilted every ∼ 4 seconds and data is taken from each beam by use of a Dicke switch at 32 Hz.

3: Beam response for the 5 GHz interferometer cosine channel. The beam axis is at 40◦ Declination and 0◦ RA. 8. 3 for a beam pointed at (α = 0◦ , δ = 40◦ ). The complex correlator in the interferometer produces two orthogonal sinusoidal outputs as already mentioned. 10 this corresponds to two different expressions, one with γ = 0◦ and one with γ = 90◦ . The outputs in the two channels are binned into half degree pixels in Right Ascension. Variations in the output levels occurring on long time scales, to which the experiment is not sensitive, are removed from the data by smoothing it with a suitably large Gaussian and subtracting the result.

Kogut et al (1995) have made fits to bremsstrahlung and determined that its power spectrum decreases as the third power of ℓ. This agrees with the assumed correlation of bremsstrahlung and dust, as the dust is found to have the same ℓ dependence. To model this emission the IRAS templates, normalised to the appropriate rms, were used as described in the dust emission section. Synchrotron emission When a relativistic particle interacts with a magnetic field B, it will radiate. 47) d (γmc2 ) = qv·E = 0.

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