Applied Electrotechnology for Engineers by C.H. Laycock

By C.H. Laycock

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By C.H. Laycock

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The second term [~ VmIm cos (20 - I/J)] is a cosine term which goes through two complete cycles as 8 goes from 0 to 27T. 1). Thus P = - 1 27T J 21T 1 0"2 (VmIm cosl/J) dO A. c. ) voltage and current multiplied by a constant. This constant is called the power factor and is equal to the cosine of the phase angie. When quoting a power factor it is essential to state whether it is associated with a leading or a lagging current. 2. 9285 leading. C. 97 kW One item of interest is to consider the power dissipated by a pure capacitor or inductor.

The quantities which must not be added arithmetically are the apparent powers 8 I, 8 2 and 8 3 because they differ in direction. C Circuit Analysis For a balanced load in which Z I per phase will be equal hence Ptotal =Z2 =Z3 ' the powers and reactive powers = 3P 1 = 3 Vpl p cos 1/> and Qtotal = 3Q. 29). Note that, unless stated otherwise, three-phase voltages and currents always refer to the line values. 28). Calculate the values of the three capacitors required to correct the over-all power-factor to unity when the capacitors are connected (i) in star across the load and (ii) in delta across the load.

A determinant method for conveniently solving these equations will be shown. 22a as a series of meshes or circuit loops. If we number the meshes 1 to n and insert a hypothetical clockwise circulating-current (/1 to In) in each mesh, we may write down Kirchhoff's voltage equation for each mesh assuming clockwise currents positive and voltages positive if they induce clockwise currents. 24) where Znn is the self impedance of mesh n (in this example Za + Zb for mesh 1), Znm is the mutual or shared impedance between meshes nand m (in this 46 Applied Electrotechnology far Engineers example Zb between meshes I and 2), and k Vn is the algebraic sum of the voltage sources in mesh n.

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