Applied X-rays by George L. Ph.D., D.Sc. Clark

By George L. Ph.D., D.Sc. Clark

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By George L. Ph.D., D.Sc. Clark

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1. The dislocation line C, the surface S bounded by C and the contour 7 linking C (b) Electrostatic analog of a dislocation It is customary to make use of the analogy between dislocation stress fields in elastostatics and magnetic induction fields created by line electric currents in magnetostatics [140]. Indeed, these line sources and their fields are mathe­ matically very similar. However, for dielectric media considered in this work it seems to be more relevant to look for electrostatic analogies with dislocations.

P. Nowacki & Glockner [123]. Below we shall extend this proof additionally taking into consideration a plastic distortion as a source of thermo-electro-elastic fields. 1 (sec. 2(c)). 46) (at that certainly eq. 45)). And upon manipulating with all these equations the more complete system of constitutive relations, eqs. 128), will be used. Thus we consider the two identical thermoelastic dielectric bodies with polarization gradient excited by the two series of different sources of the same kinds acting in the bulk and at the surfaces.

E. 27) This means that at 7r^ = 0 and 8PI ^ 0 the time derivative XKI — 8X I/8T does not vanish. 5). In fact, this is just the other face of the same medal. K L (B) CONSTITUTIVE RELATIONS AND EQUATIONS OF MOTION Now let us return to the potential C/ (/3, P, 7r). 28) + IJKL*I3PKL + FKIJPKFOJ + JIKLPITTKL. J , F - and A*the material parameters CF- , F IJ and given by eqs. 18). With regards to the new introduced tensors, we can only state that generally they are less symmetrical as compared with classical material tensors of the same rank: °IJ ^ % 3%KI 3%IK, DF = DF , B = B UJ.

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