Braided Rivers (Geological Society Special Publication 75) by J. L. Best, C. S. Bristow (editors)

By J. L. Best, C. S. Bristow (editors)

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By J. L. Best, C. S. Bristow (editors)

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G. negligible friction loss, uniform flow, constant channel widths and depths) are unlikely to be applicable to natural rivers. g. Bridge & Gabel 1992; Bridge 1992). Indeed, as shown previously, such flow models predict confluence scour depths of the correct order of magnitude.

Scale bar is 20 km. Measures of the degree of braiding (see Table 1) generally fall into two categories: those that consider the mean number of active channels or braid bars per transect across the channel belt, and those that consider the ratio of the sum of channel lengths in a reach to a measure of reach length (referred to here as 'total sinuosity'). The first type of braiding index is more desirable for 22 J. S. BRIDGE Table 1. ) Number of braids or channels in cross-section total length of bankfull channels Braiding index = distance along main channel Total sinuosity = total active channel length valley length Ashmore (1991a) Mean number of active channels per transect.

7) so that depth does not vary much across the channel width. However, with the channel geometry of Fig. 7, a thalweg is commonly present near the outer bank at high flow stage, but may be near the inner bank at low flow stage. Avalanche faces may be present where the entering channels pass into the confluence scour zone ('riffle' areas with avalanche faces are commonly referred to as tributarymouth bars). Generally, their crestlines are oblique to the channel direction (as are the equivalent parts of ancestral alternate bars).

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