Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code by Bruce Schneier

By Bruce Schneier

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By Bruce Schneier

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The purpose of this section is to present some of the computer output of these APL functions. 5) and p(O) =<0,1). 5; the second to the case there is always a coital act on the first day. 7), representing the probability that at least one coital act occurs on the t-th day of the 26-day intermenstrual period. 1 are the values PI (t), t = 0,1,2, ... ,25, for persisters and alternators under the two chosen initial vectors. 679, the limiting value, is quite rapid. 5 and PI (0) = 1, the limiting value is attained on days 8 and 7 respectively.

This non aging property of the exponential distribution clearly makes it an unrealistic model for survivorship in biological populations. 2. The Weibull Distribution Let ex and 13 be two positive parameters. (X) = exf3x P-l, XE(O, 00). 4) reduces to the risk function of the exponential distribution. 5) xER+. 6) xER+. 3. The Gompertz Distribution This distribution is characterized by a force of mortality that increases exponentially with age. Let ex and 13 be two positive parameters. 7) xER+. (s)ds=ex(exp(f3x)-I), o xER+.

McCann, B. M. (1970): Selective Fecundability and Contraceptive Effectiveness. C. and Lapierre-Adamcyk, E. (1972): On the Measurement of Human Fertility - Selected I#itings of Louis Henry. C. A. (1973): Mathematical Models of Conception and Birth. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London Smith, D. and Keyfitz, N. (1977): Mathematical Demography. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York Tietze, C. (1970): Ranking of Contraceptive Methods by Levels of Effectiveness. Advances in Planned Parenthood- VI; Excepta Medica International Congress Series No.

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