Chinese Mythology A to Z, 2nd Edition by Jeremy Roberts

By Jeremy Roberts

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By Jeremy Roberts

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But Ao Guang got his revenge later when he kidnapped Nezha’s parents and threatened to kill them. The young prince suddenly realized how terrible he had been to Ao Guang and offered to kill himself in order to free his parents, which he did. Ao Jun (Jao-Jun, Kuan-jun Lung-wang Ta-ti) One of four Dragon Kings. His palace is located at the bottom of the Western Sea. See Long Wang. Ao Shun (Kuang-tsê Lung-wang Ta-ti) One of four Dragon Kings. His palace is located at the bottom of the Northern Sea.

There are many different names given to bats, including t’ien shu (“a heavenly rat”) and fei shu (“a flying rat”). Certain medicines in ancient times contained the blood, gall, or wings of bats. Artists often portrayed Fuxing, one of the San Xing, or three Chinese gods of good fortune in Chinese myth, as a bat. Another popular motif was a drawing of five flying bats to symbolize the Five Ballad of the Hidden Dragon A famous legend in Chinese myth that tells the story of Liu Zhiyuan. He has to overcome many challenges in strange lands before he finally returns to become  ba xian  A statue depicting the popular Ba Xian, or Eight Immortals (Photo by Fanghong/Used under a Creative Commons license) Blessings: long life, wealth, health, a virtuous life, and a natural death.

Chong pressed up against Heaven as Li pressed downward. Later accounts have Chong as the god of the south controlling heaven, with his brother Li the god of fire, controlling Earth during a time of disorder. The two brothers were said to have restored order but also to have broken the link between Heaven and Earth. Until that time, deities could come to Earth and mingle with humans. Chou Chou See Zhou. dynasty See Zhou dynasty. Chou Hua (Ch’ou Hua) A mythical marsh mentioned in some early Chinese tales; it is said to be in the south.

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