Chondrules and Their Origins by Elbert A. King

By Elbert A. King

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By Elbert A. King

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What exactly is the gospel of the water and the Spirit then? It consists of the baptism that Jesus received from John the Baptist and the blood that He shed on the Cross. Why, then, was Jesus baptized by John the Baptist? He was baptized to fulfill all the righteousness of God (Matthew 3:15). What did Jesus achieve by being baptized? By receiving His baptism, He accepted all the sins of the world once for all. Where is the evidence for this? The words “for thus” in Matthew 3:15 are the evidence.

However, a sinner who does not know the righteousness of God has no right to judge other people as sinful. That’s because the others’ sins are the same as his sins. Therefore, all sinners must believe in the righteousness of God. Despite this, today’s Christians who have not been born again even though they believe in Jesus have banded together to stand against God. There are many people like this in today’s Christian communities, and they teach their congregations that although Jesus has blotted out the sins of the world and made them righteous, it’s still true that the human heart has sin.

That’s because God has mercy on whom He has mercy and condemns those whom He cannot help but condemn. Ungodly people commit sin according to their lustful desires. The ultimate embodiment of ◄ CONTENTS ► 50 Paul, a Missionary to the Gentiles carnal lusts is homosexuality. But, you should realize that the wrath of God is revealed “from heaven” against such sinners. Human beings, unaware of this wrath of God, insist to Him, “God, please leave me alone. ” People do not even wish to know the righteousness of God.

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