CMOS current-mode circuits for data communications by Fei Yuan

By Fei Yuan

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By Fei Yuan

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Resistor series peaking and inductor series peaking techniques are effective means to increase the bandwidth of CMOS current-mode circuits. The former improves bandwidth by introducing a zero whereas the latter adds a pole. Both resistor / inductor series peaking and current feedback can be employed simultaneously to further improve bandwidth. This approach also reduces the value of the peaking resistors / inductors. Two main drawbacks of current amplifiers are mismatch-induced output offset currents and high level of static power consumption.

A smaller inductor, subsequently, a smaller chip area and less parasitic effects, is needed when current-current feedback is employed. 23 shows the frequency response of the current amplifier with both inductor series peaking and current-current feedback. 38) ^^^ amplifier has a maximum plat response with its bandwidth a;^ = A/2(1 + Af)-^^^^, is reduced from R = + (Cgsl + Cgs2) 2 TT^^—T^ Also, the resistance value without the current-current feedback to R = 077— 7^ 1 }A f with the current-current feedback.

The 40 Design Techniques for Current-Mode Circuits self-resonance frequency and the inductance, however, do not change. It should also be emphasized that the dynamic range of cascode gyrator-C active inductors is smaller as compared with that of gyrator-C active inductors. 2. Comparison of gyrator-C and cascode gyrator-C active inductors. 33. 3 tabulates the parameters of gyrator-C active inductors including cascodes and regulated cascodes. 3. Parameters of gyrator-C active inductors. Active inductor Basic Cascode Regulated cascode Multi-regulated cascode goi l/[goi{rozgmz)] 1/boi [rozgmz){roAgm4)] l/[gol{roZgm2){roAgmA){ro^gm^)] Cl Go2 C2 Cgs2 Cgs2 Cgs2 Cgs2 go2 go2 Cgsl Cgsl Cgsl Cgsl go2 go2 Q-Enhanced Gyrator-C A c t i v e Inductors To improve the quality factor of active inductors, Rp should be maximized and Rs should be minimized.

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